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Herring in NYC

Tuesday 20th of June 2017

Monday June 19th we had a very succesfull 'Heineken&Herring' at The Netherland Club of NY, where we presented the very best Hollandse Nieuwe, the New Dutch Herring from The Netherlands. The real experts agreed that it was excellent herring this year.

For the real herring lovers it's good to know that the Heineken&Herring wasn't the only place in NYC to get this healthy Dutch delicacy from the North Sea. Also the Oyster Bar in Grand Central has for three decades been the traditional destination in America for the first Holland Herring of the season.

The Oyster Bar always receives the very first herring shipped to the USA, and the cream of the catch, as well. Beginning on June 14th, and for approximately two weeks thereafter, the Oyster Bar looks forward to featuring the succulent, toothsome delicacy known as 'nieuwe maatjes' herring. Herring fanciers will enjoy the season for less than a month.

The herring filets are served with hard-boiled egg, sweet onion and chives. Herring filets are priced at $7.00, and the herring salad at $7.95 per order.

Central Oyster Bar at 212-490-6650, or visit

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