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Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets - for sale

Wednesday 7th of December 2016

The Netherland Club of NY still has some book of Indo Dutch Kitchen Secrets - Highlights from more than 350 years of shared culinary history by Jeff Keasberry.

Speculaasjes, pepernoten and even the 'typical' Dutch stroopwafels... They are less typically Dutch than you would expect. They also belong to a shared food culture, a blend of Indonesian and Dutch, the so-called Indo Dutch Kitchen. Jeff Keasberry wrote a book about this cuisine that is officially listed as Dutch cultural heritage. It is a popular fusion cooking style that, for already more than 350 years, mixes East and West in dishes such as Gado-gado, Rendang and the Rijsttafel.

Thanks to entrepreneur and chef Jeff Keasberry, who has extensively studied the Indo Dutch kitchen, we can now learn the secrets of this cuisine and make its tasteful dishes ourselves. In his book he takes you on the journey of the Indo Dutch diaspora, that started in the former Dutch East Indies. He will follow the path of the people who traversed different continents and multiple cultures, while managing to preserve their heritage to reinforce their identity. In doing so he will reveal and let us discover the secrets of the Indo Dutch kitchen. Book are $20,=.

If you're interested in a book, please send an email to

About Jeff Keasberry:
Jeff Keasberry is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, food writer, photographer and author of two popular cook books published in the Netherlands (2012 & 2014), where he is known for making the Indo Dutch cuisine more accessible. Jeff was born in Amsterdam, Holland and raised in his late grandmother’s once renowned Dutch Indies restaurant Djokja, of which he became the owner at the age of eighteen. Following his move to Los Angeles in 2005 he started craving his comfort food and realized that little is known about the cultures he belongs to and the food he grew up with. His passion to pursue the taste of home turned into a mission to preserve and promote his culinary heritage. He currently hosts cooking events, produces videos and writes about food on his blog
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