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Bach and Bleach - by Esther Apituley

Thursday 29th of March 2018 7:30pm - 9:00pm


After her magnificent performance last year, viola player Esther Apituley returns to The Netherlands Club on Thursday, March 29th with a try-out of her theater concert 'BACH & BLEACH'. Esther has an unparalleled ability to convey the immediacy and vitality of the classical repertoire. Her theatrical concerts make the works of the great composers accessible to a broad public. At the beginning of 2019, Apituley will present her theater concert 'BACH & BLEACH' in New York (Theater La Mama). For The Netherland Club of New York she organized a unique preview; a staged reading (in English) of 'BACH & BLEACH' (Bach & Bleekwater), combined with viewing fragments of the theater production which toured in The Netherlands.
BACH & BLEACH is a musical theater production in which a viola player (Esther Apituley) and a cleaning lady (Annemarie Hagenaars) accidentally meet on stage. A scheduling error at the theater is the likely cause of the uncomfortable situation in which the two women find themselves. Both women stubbornly carry on doing what they have been paid to do: one of them gives a concert, while the other dusts the stage. Gradually, the music touches the cleaning lady more deeply, and she becomes entranced by the concert, leading her to make some outlandish remarks. The viola player opens up the cleaning lady's imagination, and Bach's music shows her that she has more to her than she thinks.

BACH & BLEACH is an ode to the power of the imagination and to the emotional power of Bach. At Esther Apituley's concerts, the finest classical music is performed in an informal, intimate atmosphere. Esther brings a fresh, new approach to performing classical music.

“Everything is made up of music; everything you can comprehend, everything you may desire, and everything you cannot stand.”
- Esther Apituley -


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