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TNC TALK; Health Care - What's the difference

Monday 20th of November 2017 7:30pm - 9:00pm

On Monday, November 20, Kieke Okma will do a TNCTALK about the outcomes of the health reforms of the United States and The Netherlands. Are we really so much different?

In 2006, the Dutch government introduced a new health insurance that replaced the former mix of public and private health insurance with a population-wide mandate to take out (private) health insurance. In 2010 the Obama administration introduced the health reforms that brought extensive regulation of private health insurance, a mandate to take out (private) health insurance and some other programs. Ten years later, both the Dutch and the American reforms seem to have lost much popular and political support. Why is that so? What happened in both countries? Are we really so much different?

Kieke Okma is currently Visiting Professor at the Catholic University Leuven. She has widely lectured and published in the domain of international comparative studies of health care and health politics. She has also taught at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Queens’ University in Kingston, Ontario, McGill University in Montreal, New York University and Columbia University in New York, and other places.

Kieke Okma worked over 25 years for different government agencies in the Netherlands and international organizations. Her last job in Holland before moving to New York in 2004 was a Senior Policy Advisor at the Health Ministry. She has published over 100 articles and several books, and is currently working at the research project of the health reform of 12 small and medium-sized countries across the world.


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On Monday, November 20, Prof. Kieke Okma will do a TNCTALK about the outcomes of the health reforms of the United States and The Netherlands. Are We Really So Much Different?

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